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Religious Education


Mission Statement

Religious Education at St. Brigid’s College is an integral part of the school curriculum. The school believes that it plays an essential role in the holistic development of each student and allows them to reach their full potential. This sentiment is in agreement with the school Mission Statement which states:

St. Brigid’s College is to provide the highest educational standards and facilities which will;

  • Enable our students to reach their potential
  • Prepare our students to participate fully as good citizens in society

Students in St. Brigid’s Vocational School study the Junior Certificate Religious Education Examination Syllabus while Leaving Certificate students use an adapted form of the curriculum framework for Senior-Cycle Religious Education, and cover the topic of RSE.

Subject Aims

  • To facilitate an atmosphere that promotes a genuine search for meaning and truth in the lives of students and to acknowledge the faith response that may result as a consequences of this search
  • To contribute to the moral, religious and spiritual development of our students
  • To provide opportunities for students to deepen their sacramental and liturgical awareness
  • To encourage our students to ask and seek answers to important life questions
  • To promote an understanding and accemptance of people of different religious traditions and none
  • To identify how an understanding of God, religious tradition and in particular the Christian tradition, have contributed to the culture in which we live and continue to have an impact on personal lifestyle, inter personal relationships and relationships between individuals and their communities and contexts.
  • To promote and awareness of and a positive involvement with the marginalised in our society.


Fr. Iomar Daniels

Subject Co-ordinator

Niamh Deignan

Subject Teachers

Niamh Deignan

Kathy Whelan

Nuala Quinn

Martin Raftery

Diane Charleton

Mary Anglim

Options Structure

On enrolling for St. Brigid’s College, parents indicate the enrolee's religion. All pupils are required to attend Religious Education classes from First Year to Fifth Year. Pupils seeking exemption from attendance at Religious Education class should be referred to the Principal and must agree to the following conditions:

  1. Meeting of Parent and pupil with the Principal
  2. A letter from the Parent/Guardian giving permission for the child to be exempt from religious education/worship.

Planning for a Culturally Diverse Society

The RE department is mindful of the cultural diversity that exists in the classroom. The curriculum laid out by the Department of Education enables student to make sense of their religious and cultural experience. Through educating students on religious education, they foster a sense of togetherness across century old divisions. Religious Education is fundamental to learning, communication, personal and cultural identity and relationships, and enables students to remove prejudice that may have existed towards others that are not of the same religious belief. The RE department recognises that students need to be aware of the wide range of responses to the search for meaning in life, and in doing so they develop a deeper respect and appreciation for alternative cultures and belief. This mindfulness facilitates students in participating as active citizens in a democratic society.

RSE for Senior Cycle Students

RSE is a core topic covered at fifth year in Religious Education. RSE helps young people to understand and develop friendships and relationships. Aims of this curriculum include;

  • To promote an understanding of sexuality
  • To promote a positive attitude to one’s own sexuality and in one’s relationship with others
  • To promote knowledge and respect of reproduction
  • To enable young people to develop attitudes and values towards their sexuality in a moral, spiritual and social framework
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