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Dear Parents,

As primary educators of your children, we are very conscious of the importance of a good second level education. The choice of a school, where your child will be happy and reach his/her full potential is vital. At St Brigid's College we are fully aware of our daily task in educating young people, in a short period of time, for life in a rapidly changing world.

We provide an educational service of the highest quality. All students receive an equal share of resources and a commitment to individual excellence, ensuring a concentration on strengths rather than an emphasis on difficulties. Students are given the necessary opportunities and are encouraged to study for their examinations, which are required for entry into all Third Level Institutes of Education. Some students whose aptitudes may be of a more practical nature and who may, by choice, wish to follow a specialised course of training are equally important, as are the pupils who experience learning difficulties and therefore require special help.

St Brigid’s is a dynamic establishment in which evaluation, modification and innovation are being constantly undertaken by the staff. This ensures that students can benefit in the best possible way from a constantly reviewed and where necessary, restructured curriculum. I hope this website will provide an overview of our school, its aims, organisation, atmosphere and facilities.

Seán Connolly

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17 2018
First Aid Training
17 2018
Christmas Carol Service
18 2018
First Aid Training
20 2018
TY's - Ice Skating / Christmas Market
in the Abbey Church, Loughrea.
St. Brigid's, Loughrea win All Ireland Senior B Boys Volleyball Final in UCD today
St. Brigid's, Loughrea win All Ireland Senior A Boys Volleyball Final in UCD today
Well done to all TY's involved
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