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Overview Geography is a popular subject provided at Junior and Senior Level. Geography is concerned with the study of people and their environment. The subject will help students develop an understanding of the changing relationships between the physical and human world. Through their study of geography, students will develop geographical skills that will help them to make informed judgements about issues at local, national and international levels.

Teachers Lisa O Connell, Claire O Connell, Niall Canavan, Orlaith Seoighe, Gerard Lyons, Marie Flanagan

Facilities Information Technology is widely used in the teaching of Geography in our school. With the introduction of our on-line learning tool, all students will be able to access classroom and other information from home. The students will be challenged to use their own modern tablets in order to bring Geography to life, both for individual research and for group projects. Time and distance are no longer barriers to the exciting world of Geography.

Junior Certificate Aims:

To develop knowledge and understanding of local, regional and wider environments and their interrelationships.

To encourage the development of a caring attitude and a sense of stewardship of the planet.

To develop empathy with people from diverse environments and understanding of human interdependence.

To develop a range of practical and communication skills which are of geographic and general significance.

Structure of the Syllabus

The syllabus is presented in three sections, each based on a broad theme:

  1. The Human Habitat – Processes and Change
  2. Population, Settlement Patterns and Urbanisation
  3. Patterns in Economic Activity

Book Used: Geography in Action by


Leaving Certificate Aims:

To develop knowledge and understanding of the planet and its inhabitants, by studying a selection of contrasting physical and human environments and the relationship that exists between them.

To recognise and value diversity both physical and human, thereby promoting conservation of the earth’s resources and tolerance towards other people and their cultures both in Ireland and elsewhere.

To develop and understand the importance of geographical skills in the world of work today.

Syllabus Higher and Ordinary Level

Core Unit 1 Patterns and processes in the physical environment Core Unit 2 Regional geography Core Unit 3 Geographical Investigation and Skills (20%)

Elective Unit 4

Patterns and processes in economic activities


Elective Unit 5

Patterns and processes in the human environment Higher Level Only (one option) Optional Unit 6 Global interdependence Optional Unit 7 Geoecology Optional Unit 8 Culture and identity Optional Unit 9 The atmosphere and ocean environment

Book used: Earth by


Junior Certificate Geography

Ms. O Connell's First Year Geography class making some excellent Volcanoes!


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17 2018
Christmas Carol Service
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20 2018
TY's - Ice Skating / Christmas Market
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St. Brigid's, Loughrea win All Ireland Senior B Boys Volleyball Final in UCD today
St. Brigid's, Loughrea win All Ireland Senior A Boys Volleyball Final in UCD today
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